16 Temmuz 2014 Çarşamba

Ultimate Way to Freedom

Singing is usual for me in the morning but singing and dancing before coffee&yoga?.. Hrrrm...
Naughty, happy, playful, enthusiastic, expanded, inspired and full... 

What have I done recently to feel that way?.. I taught meditation, fasted on fruits and juice for a few days and welcomed Jupiter! + Practiced Breathing + Yoga + Meditation for over 10 years every single day. 

I haven't yet asked Cagri if he is happy with my music in the morning 

I've witnessed that I will always miss something.There will always be some pain to help me stretch. I will always be given what I ask for and more. There will be lots of reasons to be grateful for. If I miss those reasons and fall into the pitch of grumbling and complaining, then only my problems will grow.

Life will be dedicated to remind me my very source. And it will always push my limits to connect. It will lead me to my eternity. "Come what may.." Whether good or bad, it will all bring me to one reality: To my Self. As long as I keep asking the question: Who am I? What am I here for?
The answers will follow one after another. This journey is the ultimate reason why I am here for. Whether sad or happy, with all my mistakes and humanness, I am.

I will look at myself in the mirror of others. I will fix me. Whether I love them or not. They are there to remind me who I am (and who I don't want to be). They are there for me to trigger the feelings those origins are within me. Some bad feelings are to burn and to transform. Some others are to experience and remember my very source and connect.

Connection. That's my ultimate way to freedom.

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