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Benefits of Yoga

Photo Credit: Elif Kahveci 

Since yoga entered my life fourteen years ago, things started transforming in my life on so many levels that I wrote a book about it. (Hope that you can read it soon, I'm currently working on its English translation) It's been healing for me in so many ways.   

On this post, I wanted to share some of the benefits of yoga with you, who knows, you may find something that you could use and that one thing can inspire you to get started! :)) 

On Physical Level : 

* Increased flexibility
* Increased muscle strength and tone
* Improved respiration, digestion, immunity and circulation 
* Regulated functioning of the hormones and the body temperature 
* More energy and vitality
* Balanced metabolism
* Soft and beautiful skin (yoga is a great anti-aging agent!!) 
* Improved posture 

On Mental Level : 

* Increased concentration 
* Clarity of mind 
- when the mind is clear, this ultimately effects communication and relationships  
* Reduced stress 
* Increased ability to deal with stress

On Spiritual Level  : 

* Peace 
* Love 
* Energy 
* Motivation 
* Enthusiasm 
* Creativity 
* Playfulness 

and this is the magic one: when you practice yoga regularly and make yoga a part of your everyday life (I will write more on that) you start building all kinds of abilities towards life, not only how to stand strong in front of difficult situations, but also how not to be shaken by this and that and you start noticing what's beyond your limits and realize your full potential.   

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