30 Mayıs 2017 Salı

A Few Notes to Yoga Beginners

Hello everyone! 

Just to make sure to provide you with all kinds of necessary information before we begin our yoga. It will all soon be on my new YouTube channel. I literally can't wait! 

If you are a beginner at yoga, it is always good to remember these : 

- Consult with your physician before you do any kind of exercise (I know it sounds a little too cautious but it's really important, especially if you have any physical conditions.) 

- If you are pregnant, do not follow all the sequences, especially the ones on your tummy. There is special yoga for pregnancy and I will be recording that, too. Do that one. :) 

- Don't mind others. Don't compare yourself with anybody. Their level of flexibility is theirs. You are unique and so beautiful just the way you are. So, just start and even if you aren't flexible, it will come to you. It's not a prerequisite for yoga, it's the result of it. 

- 'Asana' (Sanskrit name for the yoga postures) means steady and comfortable. So, the most important thing is that you go into the posture as long as you can keep your smile on. Do as much as you can and without forcing. 

- Do your practice at a clean place, since we will be doing so much breathing, you don't want to inhale all that filthy crap. 

- It's really important to warm up before beginning your asana practice 

- Also remember that there are 3 steps to asana, 1- entering the posture 2- staying and breathing into the posture 3- getting out of the posture. All these need to be synchronized with our breath. Avoid any no sudden moves. 

- It's also really important that you are not hungry during the practice. Dreaming donuts will not help to come back to the present moment. And not full either. 2-3 hours after food is good. 

Enjoy it! 

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