6 Kasım 2015 Cuma

Being on the Road… (2)

We started our journey from Venice Beach, California. One reason why we picked this area in Los Angeles was that we came here last year and we were charmed by the energy of this place. Unfortunately, we only had one night to spend. This year we wanted to explore the area. Plus, the weather is nice all the time, people are friendly, food is amazing (when you seek for healthy places, Los Angeles is a heaven for that) and my husband could continue writing his books and surf when I go to my yoga classes, perfect combination! 

Venice Beach

Besides, since I left U.S. for good 12 years ago, a part of me has been wanting to spend more time in this land. I lived in the East Coast but -even though I spent a couple of weeks here in the West last year- I never got a chance to make this place home. (Making a place home to me means to have enough time to get to know the locals, hang out at the local coffee shops and restaurants, wander in its streets (even though everyone seems to drive!), shop for groceries and become familiar with the street names when a foreigner asks me for directions.) 

East Coast and West Coast are significantly different. Even though I don't like to freeze all the time, I personally still feel like a New England girl. Weather matters a loooot though! I am not "Oh well, I don't mind the cold…" type of person. Actually, I do mind the cold. Even more than the cold, it's the sun I am desperately in need of.  


So, enough explanations! Let's begin with the adventures, places to go and explore at Venice Beach & Santa Monica area… And moreover, my inspirations on the road…  

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