22 Kasım 2015 Pazar

Being on the Road… (4)

Santa Monica & Venice Beach

I was sitting on the beach watching the humongous waves beating the shores… 

When you physically come across with the vastness of this universe, you stop worrying about little small things and start thinking big… We are at least 6 billion people living on this planet and we all function in our own reality and within the limits of our designated identities…  We go through different feelings throughout life… 

Santa Monica

We get ambitious, jealous, angry, annoyed or sad based on what we were believed to be real and true, mostly depending on our culture and conditions… Some of us are more open to change than others… We become intolerant mostly to what is different from our point of view. 

Only a few of us is aware that as 6 billion people, we are just one organism, radiating from all different frequencies… Just like the sand in the ocean… All different but actually one…

Santa Monica

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