25 Kasım 2015 Çarşamba

On the Desert Road… (6)

When you are on the road to discover new lands, you are basically going to the unknown. And that unknown keeps you alert all the time. That's one of the things I love the most about traveling: My meditative, in-the-moment mind. 

No matter how much you read about a place, it's unlikely that you will find exactly what you imagined it to be. It has a lot of components and whether the vibes of the place resonate with you or not defines your entire adventure. You learn to be open and accepting to what may come and be ready for various surprises! I guess that's what is making me more flexible than most people I know… Because I learned that only a wondering and flexible mind can be at ease and ready for what the roads may bring… This is actually also applicable in life. Roads teach me a lot about life, that's why I call our journeys a "pilgrimage"… 

Yesterday was one of those challenging unknown days for us. My limits were pushed and I had to be extremely flexible… We went through a day of intense emotions and full of learning… 

Cagri (my husband) went out to rent us a car to travel to Joshua Tree National Park; -a place my friend Augustina suggested us to go- while I was waiting for him at the hotel with our luggage. I waited for him to get back for 3 hours. (Normally it should have been 1.5 to 2 hours tops.) I didn't have a phone nor any means to reach him. (Yes! We didn't get a phone package here, so we had no means of communication…) I silently weeped on my own, feeling desperate and imagining catastrophic scenarios in my mind. "What if he had a car accident?" "What if I call all the hospitals?" "Who should I reach out to?" "What if he got lost and was robbed?" My mind usually doesn't work like that. I almost never feel this worried nor anxious. But this time, my mind purged whatever it had in stock. 

I thought about the enormous love and care I felt for him. I promised not to ever be the bitch I become during my PMS. (Hormones!) He came back at the end of the 3 hours and I cried, kissed and hugged him. He was worried that I would be worried and he actually had found a place to go online and sent me a whatsapp message that I never got because I wasn't online… Anyway to cut the long story short, we took off for our great adventure to the desert. When we took off, it was 4pm already but because it was only 3 hour drive, we decided that it was ok to drive a couple of hours in dark. 

It was not ok! We were driving on narrow empty desert roads and leaving the darkness behind. It was extremely spooky! I prayed, prayed, prayed during the entire trip. We were worried because the road was deserted and damn dark and if some crazy person dressed as a police officer pulled us over and simply got rid of us, none would ever hear! (Too many movies haha!) 

When you feel desperate, you actually remember how fortunate you have been so far and how your life has been filled with so many good things. Your life may not be perfect but the amount of joy you experience in it, actually defines the quality of your life. And I believe that this kind of joy stems from feeling fortunate and grateful for the things that are already there. 

We almost cried when we found our hotel. Wow what an intense day it was!..

The owner of our hotel was an Indian guy. He welcomed us at the doorstep, compassionately saying that he had been waiting for us. I had missed that kind of compassion and care since we have been away from out families who care for us like that… His reception decorated with Ganesha statues and incense smell made me feel at home.  

We briefly told him the story and he suggested us to go to the park and watch the sky in darkness… After having an exceptionally delicious Thai food, we went down to the entrance of the park and watched the bright sky filled with a galaxy of stars... Wow!.. It was magic. 

While embracing my husband and watching the star full sky, all I was feeling was gratitude, so much gratitude… 

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

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