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Being on the Road… (8) Las Vegas

Before I start writing about it, I do feel the need to explain why Vegas. Pretty much everything in Las Vegas (as my friend Ferron says) is "cheesy" and artificial. We usually focus on nature, culture, fresh food and the amount of hiking we can do on our travels. We don't like, nor support the consumption oriented approach in the world. And this city could be among the top 5 consumption oriented places on earth. 

This city triggers and reinforces all the taboos of humankind: Sex, alcohol and gambling. Luxurious hotels, high heels, breathtaking shows and big drunken fights on the streets… Racing cars, huge shopping malls and a big nothing… 

I find it actually way too legendary to create a huge fake nothing in the middle of nothing. That's why I will write about this place that actually is worth a visit once. 

My friend Karoly said it so well: "You may like it, because Vegas is sincerely fake!" 

Yes. That's probably it; its sincerity that draws us to this city. 

See: This place calls their burgers by pass burgers :)) How sincerely unhealthy!
Do we get this for vegetarians? 

Here are some of our favorite Las Vegas picks and pictures for you :))

* Venetian: Fake Venice. Even Venice doesn't have that clear water and those sexy gondoliers! 

* Paris Paris; it's fake Paris. 

* If you like adrenalin, take the rides on New York New York (as you can imagine, it's fake New York) If you need some adrenalin, the roller-coaster  at this hotel is the best. Stratosphere top of the world rides are a little too much for me… 

* Wynn wins the best ambience prize overall.  




* Go see a show! Preferably Cirque de Soleil (Le Rêve seems the be the most popular nowadays) We won Show Stoppers for free, it was pretty amazing, too!)


* It's obviously very popular to go to a Buffet in Vegas! (Wynn buffet has a lot of vegetarian & vegan options) Did we go? No... I can't eat so much food all at once. So I didn't think it was worth my $48 :)) 

* Don't miss Fremont Street! :)  

Fremont Str.

Also, wherever I go, I seek for nice and fresh food. I did the same in Vegas. First few days were difficult for me to adjust to the food in Vegas: All greasy and really bad quality. But finally I sought and found the most amazing fresh and vegetarian food in good prices, even in Vegas! If you love your food, too, check out my "Worth the Prize" deals!! You should just get a little off of the Strip for most of them. :)) 

Cleo(patra) Restaurant (Strip) at SLS is one of the best restaurants of all time. Seriously. Meditarrenean delicacies & the ambiance are so good. Especially their lebaneh with feta and tossed almond mushrooms are to die for! Your palate will be satisfied… 

Satay Thai (Paradise Road) Really good Thai food. If you are just a little hungry, their happy hour is quiet reasonable. We have been there twice. We had Pad Thai, vegan egg rolls, tofu salad, salt and pepper tofu and fresh rolls. They were all delicious.  

Their fresh rolls are so good! :) 

Salt and pepper tofu

Urban Turban (Indian, Paradise Road) You must try their 12 dollar lunch buffet. So good! 

VegeNation (Downtown) is one of the healthiest and yummiest options you could find in Vegas. Their mushroom pizza is epic! If you like it a little sweet like me, you will also love the sweet potato ravioli. :)) 

Simply Pure by Chef Stacey Dougan (Downtown) Their lasagna and pesto angel hair zucchini pasta are so good! 

Anthony's New York Pizzeria (Downtown) makes amazing pizza with fresh ingredients.  If you are planning to order delivery this is one of the best! 

The Goodwich This place is heavenly! You must try their fresh falafel sandwich. It's warm and really filling. Yumz! 

Thai Pepper This is a local place & great for lunch! Especially their veggie soup is to die for. Fresh and good quality food for reasonable prices. Their yellow curry is so good! 

Yellow Curry Lunch Special 

Makers and Finders Coffee We went there for Christmas eve brunch. It was not cheap but food tasted pretty good. Especially their coffee is epic. We haven't tried but their lavender latte is pretty famous. 

(We haven't been there but I checked their menu; Bronze Café also seems to be pretty good.) 

P.S.: You can check out all the restaurants on Yelp before you go. :))

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