1 Ocak 2016 Cuma

Being on the Road... (24) Happy New Year! :)

We actually ended 2015 in bed and quiet sick. We must have caught cold wearing our flip flops at the freezing desert nights... (We left our luggage at my friend Augustina's place before we went to CR and we have been carrying our backpacks around since then...) 

So my shopping list yesterday was flu medicine, halls candies and a red lip stick (no way I will give up on my red lipstick at new years' eve!) 

Normally my healing formula would be lots of herb tea, fruit and vegetable juices, honey, ginger and soup. I am a believer of healing with food but when we are on the road, things change. We took our medicine and we healed in a few days. 

New years day we were up and shining again! :)) 

We started our year with some delicious Italian food at a cute little place called, Fritto Misto and took a walk by the ocean. As nature enthusiasts, there wouldn't be a better way to spend the new years day for us...  We are grateful. 

Santa Monica Streets

What a peaceful day... 

Omg it's coooold! 

Santa Monica Pier 

Me, playing by the ocean :)) 

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