20 Ocak 2016 Çarşamba

Being on the Road... (31) Kauai Island, Hawai'i

Kalalau Trail

Kauai, the island of likeminded, lighthearted, down to earth people. Here, being organic is not an option, it's a life style. This was what I have long been looking for. And for the first time maybe, I felt like I found a safe place where I could raise my kids just the way I want to... While it's still not for sure that we will ever bear children, my will to return to the island will remain. 

Our story of coming to Kauai has been very mystical. As if the land called and welcomed us. And now, all I can think of is to be back... It wouldn't happen if it wasn't my friend Petra. She heard my souls' calling. And she led our way towards this island. I am grateful. And even "grateful" is not enough to throughly translate my feelings. Mahalo! 

And A hui hu'o Kauai  

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