30 Ocak 2016 Cumartesi

Being on the Road... (33) The End of the Journey

People ask me if I am ready to be back. 

I am. 

I am ready to be back with a dash of excitement in my heart, with new self-sustainable living plans and with a restful soul. 

I don't tend to miss simit, Turkish tea and feta cheese while I am away. I miss the people who are waiting for me to come back. 

And when I am there, I miss the ones who are waiting for me to go back on the other side of the world... And yet, I will go again. With the longing gypsy in my heart, in search of the experience of the greater... 

To me, setting roots is to set roots in this earth. The more I get closer to Her, the more settled I become inside. 

From distance, you can look at your life from far away and realize how fabulous it is with all its ups and downs. You can appreciate more of what you already have and start wishing for less. 

This has been an unforgettable adventure. My soul filled with nature and inspiration, I breathed the air I deserved, I filled my lungs with the ocean and forests and remembered a lot of the things that I had forgotten. I found the island I wanted to settle in if I ever wanted to settle down... 

There is a traveler living within me. And that side of me almost never feels like she is leaving. 

And yet I will leave again. 
And my next destination will be the land that calls me the most. 

We shall see... 

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