19 Ocak 2016 Salı

Being on the Road... (28) Kauai Island, Hawai'i

Day 4

Today was one of the most sacred days... From the moment we arrived to Hawai'i, I could feel the sacred energy surrounding me... It's such a deep experience and very special. I only feel similar to this in Bodrum: Covered, taken care of and loved by the land. Kauai island is the only place after Bodrum I felt the vibes so strong. Costa Rica has been amazing and motherly, too. But here I feel like a magnet is pulling me towards the land. Really strong vibes... 

We started our day with this tropical crazy fruit platter!! Yumz!! Rambutan (the red ones) from my friend Petra's orchard, papayas  and bananas from the farmers market, star fruit is picked by our friend Kurt from his garden. Kurt is taking care of the garden here where we stay. He is an angel. He picked the fruits from his garden and brought us for breakfast in the morning... We are so lucky to have had him around... 


Flora and fauna of the island of Kauai 

My beautiful angelic friend & sister Petra. She is the architect of us coming here 

The sacred space where we meditated

The cave where we meditated 

Cave Man and Cave Woman :))

Ke'e Beach -my #1 beach on the island

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