2 Ocak 2016 Cumartesi

Being on the Road... (25) On the way to Santa Clarita from LA

I am not sure if I will ever stop thinking about LA's innumerable number of people who speak by themselves on the streets... They are mostly on the streets, walking or on the bus; our two main choice of transportation. So we come across quiet a lot. No wonder why everyone has a car in this city... It is kind of an unspoken, silent discrimination in the city of Los Angeles: The ones who own a car, and the "others" who don't... Too cruel. 

When we first arrived in LA, everyone suggested us to rent a car. We didn't. Because we know that in a city, you can get to places by bus or you can just walk. And that was not an issue. None tells you sincerely why you actually need a car in LA. People don't verbalize it but I sense that middle and upper middle class does not want to go through that emotional stage daily where they have to recognize that
their city actually belongs to mad, homeless and poor and that they have to do something about it. Instead, they just buy cars... 

Maybe that's why most people in LA are so pretentious (that's my judgment and observation so far obviously); they are creating a fake reality to forget what's actually out there... 

People seem to compare LA to New York a lot. I didn't find much in common to be honest. 

I quiet like New York but I only like Santa Monica & Venice area in LA. (Even in Santa Monica I didn't feel completely safe) New York is actually the only genuine cosmopolitan city I know: Familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures. Maybe familiar, but I don't personally find Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin nor London to be "at ease" with different countries and cultures. (Note: I haven't seen Toronto, Barcelona nor Sydney so I can not comment on them.) 

Anyway, back to our adventure, we were commuting from Santa Monica to Santa Clarita,  passing by way too many self-speaking people; we missed one train stop. It was almost night time... (This time of the year LA nights are too freezing and we are still caughing.) Usually two trains are at least an hour apart. 

At first we panicked. But then we found out that the next train was in 10 minutes. We felt like the universe winked at us. And we safely arrived to our cute little hotel room. On the way we grabbed a few veggie tacos and we were all set! :) 

There is too much to be grateful for... 

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