20 Ocak 2016 Çarşamba

Being on the Road... (29) Kauai Island, Hawai'i

Day 5 

This island is not so populated. There seems to be not much to do on the worldly level. There are not too many distractions, restaurants, shopping, consumption. The pace of the daily life is slow and there isn't much to do if you love night life. There are a couple of nice restaurants and a lot of health food stores and healthy food options. Most people grow their own food in their garden. 

If you are not looking for city life and if you love to be immersed in nature and spirituality in its true sense, this is the place. This island is a place to grow and set roots. The energy here helps you to connect with yourself in any possible way. Nature is amazing. There are a lot of energy fields in nature you can find and just sit for hours. So if you are nature junkee, you would love it here just like me. But if you need a lot of "things" then, this place is not for you. :)) 

So today was another sacred day in the island. We spend the morning chilling and meditation in the amazing garden where we stay. 

Petra wanted us to go and sit for puja at the hindu temple in the morning but we were waking up in the temple, so wanted to sink in the beauty of the nature-temple. :)) We left home around 11.30 and visited the hindu monastery. When we come back, I am planning to go to their ceremonies 3-4 times a week. 

And then we went on a walk around the area. It was amazing... 

Another incredible nature picture... 

While we were on the road, Cagri offered that we drive all the way to Waimea Canyon, so we did! We didn't have the proper shoes to take the hikes (because it was muddy) but it is definitely on our bucket list for next time! :)) 

Waimea Canyon

Polihale Beach

Polihale Beach

From Waimea Canyon, we drove down to Polihale Beach at the end of Napali Coast through a bumpy road. It was absolutely worth the drive. Polihale was a mystical beach. According to the Hawaiian mythology, this is the place where the spirits reach the source.

"Polihale has been incorrectly translated in many instances as the "House of the Po", where Po is the Hawaiian afterworld. By this account, spirits are said to travel to the coastal plain adjacent to the beach, and stay in the temple, known as the heiau. From there, they would climb the cliffs to the north, jump off into the sea to get to the mythical Po. The story further indicates that this belief was so strong that all the homes built in the vicinity of Polihale would have had no east facing doors, so that no traveling spirit could become trapped within."  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polihale_State_Park 

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