5 Ocak 2016 Salı

Being on the Road... (26) Persia in Santa Clarita

While we were in LA, we couldn't resist the urge to go to Six Flags.  

So we went on a beautiful day and took the craziest rides. Man, my body parts ached!.. 

And the next day we relaxed a little bit and discovered the little town of Santa Clarita. We walked around, found an organic café to eat, had some coffee and chocolate. ;))

This morning it was cold, rainy and windy just like Boston weather. We decided to tuck ourselves in and relax in the room. We were hungry by 2.30pm and we didn't know what to order. Food matters a lot to me. I found a fresh and healthy pizza place but then we found out that they didn't deliver to where we were. Undecided, we looked up the sky and noticed that it was clearing off. So we decided to go to the Mexican deli we had been the first day. 

We walked a couple of blocks but to our surprise, we couldn't find it. After a while, we saw some cute little corner, kind of like a town center but too small to be one. We went in to explore the area and we checked a couple of restaurant menus but we weren't satisfied with one, until that Persia place winked at us. We saw their unlimited buffet offer and dove right in. The buffet hours were almost coming to an end but I loved their vegetarian friendly falafel offer on the menu and Cagri's face brightened when he saw the shish kebab. They also had a free appetizer offer if we signed in on Yelp. We got that, too. We sat and enjoyed our meals throughly. 
My delicious falafel plate :)) 

Only after we were full, we thought of talking to the owner and letting him know that we were Turkish. He almost cried. He mentioned that he is a Persian Azeri and that his best memories were in Turkey. He and his family visited Turkey several times, Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya. He even spoke a little Turkish with us. He offered us to be his guest this time but we promised to be back. 

I noticed that since I came to U.S. I was too used to "chit chat" that I almost forgot about a proper conversation; which is from heart to heart. The owner and his feelings about our shared culture were too intense that I started feeling warmth on my face. We barely spoke a couple of sentences but the vibe was too intimate, too nice. I believe that creating those vibes during a conversation is something that the west nearly forgot as a result of spending too much time on their head.

I noticed that once more that I was born in such a territory that is so rich of culture, humanity, and shared traditions. As a bridge between European and middle eastern cultures, we must own that and not allow it to transform into something ugly... 

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