23 Şubat 2015 Pazartesi

The Story of Love…

Although it’s highly disregarded, "love" is actually the answer to many of our questions.  Anything that we don’t do with love sucks the energy out of us. It becomes a routine. And it becomes dry. Anything done with love is alive even if it is just driving. Isn't it so? I feel that each time we do things without love, we somewhat deny our own self. And this ultimately leads to various illnesses in the long run. The question is how far do we want to go and for how long.  

I see so many unhappy people around. I believe that the core reason of this unhappiness is the lack of love in our lives. When there is no love in it, things start seeming static and lifeless. We forget to care first for ourselves and then for others. How can we be authentically caring if we don’t care about our own very self? 

I believe that self-love and a healthy established relationship with our own self are the signs of our trust in life. Only if we care about ourselves, we can genuinely care about others and help out. Helping out, being gentle, caring and doing random things just for the sake of kindness give us energy, joy and a sense of purpose in life. Much of our unhappiness is due to our focus on ourselves: “what about my finances, what about my life, what about me?” Most of us want to find the "love" of our lives but notice how much of that "love" do we radiate in a day? We mostly forget to sincerely radiate and receive love while we are busy with so many desires. 

Start with yourself. Be gentle to yourself. Be kind to you.  
Become aware of your feelings throughout the day. Observe. How much love do you radiate in a day?

Love is the first thing that we need to start cultivating in our life. And then all that we want start coming easier. Decide to do everything with love just for one day. Focus only on that feeling. Let love surround you and be soaked in it. Just for a day, let no other feelings distract you and just fast on love. Make coffee with love. Take your shower with love. Do your work with love. Kiss your children with love. Try and see the difference that it makes.

Some may find this too romantic. Wasn’t life such a romance when we were little? We still consist of that purity and love. We just forgot…

(inspired by my guru of joy and love, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar…) 

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