2 Aralık 2015 Çarşamba

Being on the Road... Costa Rica (12) Manuel Antonio & Quepos (1)

Today we took the 9am bus down to Manuel Antonio. It's only 3 hour drive from San Jose and there are direct buses that go here. Trip was pretty easy. 

We checked in to our eco-friendly sweet hotel, Plaza Yara that is located right in the jungle. (Pretty much everything in this area is in the jungle, anyway.) But I totally recommend this hotel, it's exceptional. 

Hotel Plaza Yara

We took our time to discover Quepos and Manuel Antonio today. We will go and get in the National Park tomorrow. Restaurant prices are a little too high, however if you do a little walk around and research you can find really good places for reasonable prices, too

We had a delicious pita falafel sandwich watching the breathtaking view at Emilios Café.

View from Emilio's Café

and some delicious quesadillas at El Gran Escape in Quepos listening to the symphony of chirping birds. 

Walk down to Quepos from our hotel was just amazing... 

Streets of Quepos


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