8 Aralık 2015 Salı

Pura Vida my friend!

I just realized that I need to write you about "Pura Vida": It means "hey, thank you, you are welcome, good bye, take care, and pretty much everything in that sense"... 

The tico (Costa Ricans call themselves ticos) culture, life style, understanding of life and philosophy; which means relax, enjoy, take it easy, be happy because no matter how fucked up your situation is, there is always less fortunate ones than you are; consider them, be grateful and cheer yourself up, let go, it will be ok... and much more than this... 

We can be so mean to nature most of the time... Ticos aren't... They love, own and protect it. They are happy people, their lives are filled with laughter and each other and not material things. 

Tico people live by this teaching: Pura Vida! "Things will be ok, you are not alone, life is, make time to love, to live, remember why you are here for, don't forget where you are coming from, respect nature, take care of each other, consider others..." 

I have not yet seen an angry or yelling person on the streets. People are filled with joy of life, enthusiasm and kindness. Especially women. We became friends with a couple of ladies and their babies on the bus!.. 

Of course these guys aren't all angels! From time to time we came across with some uneasy, unfriendly people here and there but even their vibes weren't that bad... 

Where does "Pura Vida" come from? 

 "According to a study of the expression by Anna Marie Trester, a film called Pura vida came to Costa Rica from Mexico in 1956, directed by Gilberto Martínez Solares. In the movie, “Pura vida” is the expression of eternal optimism used by a comic character, played by the actor Antonio Espino, who unfortunately can’t seem to do anything right. While a small population used it then, the phrase “Pura vida” was used nationwide by 1970." http://pocketcultures.com/2010/01/26/costa-rica-is-“pura-vida”/

I wish that the world adapted this philosophy just like Ticos did... And that's why I think that everyone should visit Costa Rica at least once in their lifetime... 

So, Pura Vida mi amigo! 

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