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Being on the Road... Costa Rica (16) Monteverde (1)

We took the bus from Quepos to Puntarenas and from Puntarenas to Monteverde without having to go back to San Jose. Public buses run quiet often from one place to another and it's no hassle at all. 

On our way, at one of the bus stations we spotted this bird :)) 

Costa Rica is a natural heaven. Houses are small, people are cheerful. There is not so much in terms of things, but people seem to enjoy a rich life. For example, today the bus was packed and one of the aunties took somebody else's child on her lap so that he didn't get tired standing up all the way. People laugh together in the bus just because some silly thing happened, somebody said something or did something to laugh about. People mind each other's business and I love it. In Anatolian culture things also work like that: None is a stranger. I assume that it's a (the-so-called) undeveloped country thing... The more countries "develop" and the more people start thinking that they are "better"; the more stiff, lonelier and more serious they become. I wonder which is more developed, really... 

For example scenes like this are very rare to come across in Europe or in the U.S., if it happens at all. At least I never really have witnessed people who are stranger to one another being so close together. You barely even see people smiling on the streets, let alone laughing with others in a bus... (Unless it's a tour, a course, an excursion or an organization of some sort) Here, in Costa Rica a lot of people smile and even most are ready to laugh at your stupid jokes :)) 

Being here and being exposed to so much nature and natural people, I can understand my uneasiness living in the vibes of Istanbul (I love to be a tourist in Istanbul though!) and eagerness to settle down in Bodrum and travel to warm destinations as much as possible. 

I believe that most of us do feel that urge to move to the suburbs the moment we are exposed to nature and then immediately we forget it once we return to the the craziness of our city life and that urge only stays as a wish... 

Anyway, to cut the story short, our trip was long but quiet easy. The more we climbed up the mountains, the air cooled off and this beautiful sunset and an amazing Costa Rican dinner was waiting for us! :)) 

Sunset from Sabor Tico - Monteverde 

My veggie plate was so good 

Town of Santa Elena

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