3 Aralık 2015 Perşembe

Being on the Road... Costa Rica (13) Manuel Antonio (2)

Today was an exceptional day. 

Upon our receptionist's referral, we walked down the jungle road across the street from our hotel and reached one of the most beautiful secret beaches on earth. He told us that only locals knew about that place. We arrived to our no-name beach after a 45-minute walk inside the jungle; in which playful white-faced capuchins freely hang around. 

And then we ended up at a private beach... A dream-beach for just the two of us and the water was warm... In wilderness, I'd usually expect some sort of discomfort. But to my surprise, there was none: no bugs, no insects, no spiders, no cold waters, no crabs, nothing... Just the hugging arms of Costa Rica and the mind blowing, comfortable wilderness... 

One of the most romantic mornings, ever... 

Hike in the jungle

The best no-name beach of all times...  

Panoramic view 

White-faced capuchins are like the cats of Istanbul :)) 

In the second half of our day, after our papaya & banana lunch 

My absolutely favorite fruit! 

We head to Playa Biesanz... 
It was not that private, but sure was beautiful, too. :)) 

Our hike to Biesanz Beach 

We haven't yet been to the National Park yet but on our way to the beach; we spotted these two :))  

Playa Biesanz 

We had dinner at a place called, El Arado (Costa Rican food) my vegetarian plate was fresh but without much aroma. Definitely didn't worth the price (12USD) Go to Quepos to eat!! :)) 

Our sunset was mind-blowing... 

A note about restaurants in general in Manuel Antonio: Basic food, quiet expensive. 

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