5 Aralık 2015 Cumartesi

Being on the Road... Costa Rica (14) Manuel Antonio National Park

"Just be a part of the green for a day or two
And absolutely immerse in being none  
Let go of your tiny, chattering, wannabe mind
And watch how small you are 
Trying to be someone..." 

Manuel Antonio National Park - Playa Gemelas 
We had to hide our food from the monkeys here :)) 

People tell you how magical some places are and you go there, you don't quiet find that kind of magic. Costa Rica is not one of those places. 

The only thing about this region is the restaurant & supermarket prices. You eat really basic food at a really high price. It's too obvious that once everything was much more affordable but at some point it got crazy and prices rose dramatically. I would recommend to go to Quepos to eat. (Prices are still high but not as much as at Manuel Antonio) 

Other than having to chase after your food, this place is a heaven and it offers anything and everything you can ever expect from the nature to offer... White sand beaches, warm waters, approachable wilderness, trails to hike in its untouched jungles, tropical weather, relaxed and happy people and the feel of a motherly hug... Here are all that we have witnessed today and all the photos are taken by me :)) Yes, all the animals voluntarily came that close... 

Meet my new friends! We hang out together all day yesterday 

Our bambi friend :)) 

a medicinal plant - i forgot the name 

Just hangin'

Family of naughty racoons

Love of Blue & Green 

"Yeah I am munchin' on people's food. Yep I did steal some chips. They say it's not good for me. Who cares?.."

 Playa Espadilla Sur

Just posing'... 

This mind-blowing sunset surprised us at the end of our walk yesterday... 

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