14 Aralık 2015 Pazartesi

Being on the Road... Costa Rica (20) Tortuguero

When my German friend asked where I liked the most among all the places I traveled, my answer was that every place had its own uniqueness and beauty. At the same time, every territory has its own pros and cons. Where you want to live totally depends on your priorities.  

I think for me, it's still too early to decide about my favorite place. If my conditions permit, I would like to explore this stunningly beautiful world as much as I can and then decide. 

Let's get back to Tortuguero... Oh before I forget, our local friends said that there were around 10 jaguars in Tortuguero! We haven't seen one but I'm not that sad about it... :))

Tortuguero River

Tortuguero River - Arrival by boat

First thing that got my attention in this place was the street puppies, they are so loving and cute


Afro-Caribbean Colorful houses 

Children playing pellet on the streets

the cutest church !! :)

Our friend Mao, he makes Turtles out of Almond Shells

Delicious Coconut Water

Go Coconut!

Trekking in the Jungle

Another cute puppy

The next day, first thing in the morning we saw toucans up on the tree, my picture of them is too small, they actually look like this: 

Here is Peluso, saying goodbye to us before our canal tour


Beautiful View, from our canoe 

Jungle frog :)) 

This moment was too magical in the jungle by canoe 

We saw so many birds, big iguanas, frogs... Such a beautiful place to be for a day or 2...

There is a tree in tortuguero and you can easily watch the macaws go crazy at sunset... Again, my pictures are too small so I put this one... 

It's towards the end of out journey. I have seen all the animaIs I would like to be friends with. My only wish left was to see a sloth. And this afternoon she came to the coconut tree at our hotel... If you look closer, you will see a sloth sleeping there. Sloths eat leaves and because they can't get the energy they need from leaves, they seem to be quiet lazy... 

A sloth :))

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