5 Aralık 2015 Cumartesi

Being on the Road... Costa Rica (15) Manuel Antonio & Quepos

When we travel, we don't like to rush anything. For Manuel Antonio, 2 days is enough. But if you walk to sink into the region, take 4. 

Here is our day today :)) 

Our good old receptionist drove us to a place in Quepos and dropped us off at a hiking trail. We did climb up and down and witnessed the most incredible views of all time. It was not an easy walk but it was well worth it!! You can't put it all in the pictures. Especially the feel of it. Briefly we can call it "awe"... 

We spent the afternoon at the local market, got some mangos and papayas & enjoyed an amazing meal at the Mexican place listening to live country music :)) 

My veggie burrito was good and this pico de gallo was the best so far! 

To do list Quepos - Manuel Antonio: 

- Watch the view from the bar at Mariposa Hotel & visit the Art Gallery it's nice 

- Go to Playa Biesanz (it's beautiful and not that crowded) plus, the walk down is so nice 

- Take a walk in Quepos, our favorite place is "Dos Locos" we liked "El Gran Escape", also

- Manuel Antonio National Park is a must, but you will already do that :)) 

- If you like, drop me a note and I can tell you where that romantic secret beach is (When I was there, I felt like I was in the movie "Blue Lagoon") 

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