8 Aralık 2015 Salı

Being on the Road... Costa Rica (17) Santa Elena - Monteverde (2)

The hotel we are staying at is called "Forest Dreams"
This morning was kind of dreamy. We had some pretty amazing visitors at our balcony!! :)) 

They don't jump on you, nor bite you. If they are scared of you, they open their mouth and show you their teeth with an angry expression on their face. But that's not because they will attack you or anything; t's just because they are afraid and restless. When you start radiating peace and make sure that you are no threat to them, you can just pass by or feed them. That's what we did. :)) 

Have you ever seen a monkey positioned himself or herself like this? 

This place is truly a forest dream lodge! Even hummingbirds stop by very often... Hummingbirds are so beautiful and very colorful. I can't take a proper picture of them because they move so quickly. 

My pictures of them 

Hummingbirds (I didn't take this one)

And some pictures from our day at Santa Elena today: 

It's nice to munch on some good guacamole and tortilla chips at the end of the day! :)) 

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