24 Aralık 2015 Perşembe

Being on the Road... (22) Overall Costa Rica

On top of all she did for our wedding, my mother-in-law promised us to sponsor our honeymoon 3 years ago. (Yes she is the best) It's been 3 years since we got married but had never been on our honeymoon. I guess we were waiting for the right time... And this year was the right time for us. 

I first checked Hawaii for its beautiful nature, amazing waters, warm weather, sandy beaches, breathtaking sunsets and Aloha spirit... Hawaii promised the island life I had been dreaming of. But when I checked the prices, I found out that both flights and hotels were ridiculously expensive so we gave up on the idea and started looking for other options where we could have amazing time for reasonable prices: Lots of nature, happy people, island life, warm temperatures and tropical fruits... After a considerable amount of research, we decided that Costa Rica seemed to be the best option (considering we were flying out from LA and not from Istanbul). And we didn't regret it. 

Except for the food prices (we were surprised that they were way too high) we absolutely loved every bit of it. Yes, the areas we visited in Costa Rica might be a bit too touristy but we mainly felt the " touristy" on food prices. We didn't take too many tours, we mostly explored the country on our own and at our own pace, we preferred to take the public transportation, local diners and often been off the beaten path. What we loved the most in this land was the vibes and its philosophy: "Pura Vida"  (http://arzuozev.blogspot.com/2015/12/pura-vida-my-friend.html

So if you ever decided to plan a trip to this dreamland, pack some food (haha just kidding, don't worry it's not that bad after all, especially if you choose to eat at the sodas), get your flight ticket and soak in nature!! It's totally amazing 🍃🌟 But don't expect delicate and variety food. It's basic, fresh food but doesn't have much aroma. Still, the country will make it up to you! :)) 

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