17 Aralık 2015 Perşembe

Being on the Road... (21) New England vs. California

We are back in LA. 

Last year, my husband and I took the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco down to San Diego. Two of our most favorite spots were Venice Beach and San Diego. 

Our number one was Venice Beach & Santa Monica. We liked it here so much geographically. It had beautiful shores, long sandy beaches, amazing sunsets... This year we wanted to stay a little longer and dive into the daily life. But to our surprise, we couldn't feel the peaceful vibes we were expecting to feel in this city.  

I like the vibes in New England a lot more; both the nature and people. My favorite people are in & near or from Boston! I would probably make New England my second home (after Bodrum) if the weather was not that cold... But as I mentioned earlier, weather matters a lot to me and to my husband since we like to play outdoors without freezing.

I am glad that we took this trip over to the West Coast this year, because otherwise we wouldn't know the difference. 

I love you New England!.. 

And I still wish that the world was a place as Californians think of it to be :))

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